3 Reasons To Run a Marathon (And Insanity Isn’t One Of Them)

“You have received guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2012.” – An email I received earlier this week.

Whoa. This is really happening.

I’m running the marathon for three reasons:

  1. Because it’s a kick-ass way to celebrate turning 40.
  2. Because I enjoy writing and need a new writing project.
  3. I’m raising money for a cause that is important to me and to the world (more on that later, but sounds dramatic, eh?)

So, today, January 8, 2012, I kicked off my marathon training with an intense, powerful…


BOOM! I walked over 2 miles, though. Briskly. I have a sore hip and a sore foot, so I don’t run every day that I could. (Can I still blame those maladies on my pregnancies even though my kids are 6 and 3 years old? Yes? Good. It’s their fault.)

I plan on writing about my training & racing, while also trying to teach, mother, write, and wife (yes, I’m turning it into a verb) and cram it all into a 24 hour day. Balance, schmalance. I hope you’ll follow me. (Not literally of course. That would be weird.)


6 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Run a Marathon (And Insanity Isn’t One Of Them)

  1. Another reason to run……….all the other millions of americans, sitting on their couch, can’t ever say (for the rest of their life, that is) they ran a marathon.

    • Yes! That Race to the Finish that we did in November (or should I call it the “Drag Nancy Across the Finish Race”) was my last qualifying race for a guaranteed entry. I’m so psyched.

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