The 2012 Race Calendar

You are about the discover the only area of my life where I’m somewhat organized.

Behold, the 2012 race calendar!

She's a beaut.

Talk about motivation! I’m a huge procrastinator, HUGE. But when I see it all there, on one wall, staring at me, I know I can’t put off a week of running and get away with it!

There are some adjustments I had to make. I didn’t get into the NYC Half Marathon in March (Boo, lottery!), so I’m doing the Danbury, CT Half Marathon on April 1st (Yay, nearby race and low entry fee!). It also buys me a couple of more weeks to pound my feet into half-marathon dominance.

I spy with my little eye…the New York Marathon on November 4th. Oh, I know it’s several months away, but it’s there, teasing me. Egging me on. I need that.

Even if you’re not running a marathon, I HIGHLY recommend the Big Giant Year-at-a-Glance Wall Calendar Method of Anti-Procrastination.

What do you do to maintain your long-term running goals?

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