Drowned Rats

Friends make you do stuff you wouldn’t normally do. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

Running friends make you run in the pouring rain.


Ok, Amy did not “make” me do anything, but she didn’t let me bail on our usual Tuesday run, either. What’s a little rain? we thought.

It rained so hard that…

  • My windbreaker decided to give up and act like 100% cotton.
  • Halfway through the run my hat was so saturated rainwater started dripping in my eyes.
  • I kept having to move my car key fob to drier place on my person, for fear of it getting soaked (I settled for inside my sports bra.)
  • I had to borrow some of Amy’s clothes after the run, and change in the back of the minivan (respect The Van, people) just to be able to not look deranged when I picked up my kids at aftercare.
  • It took three changes of newspaper stuffed into my shoes to get them dry.

I’m glad we ran. I was sore the next day, probably because we ran too fast, just so we could be done with it. I was cursing a lot on that run, but when we were done, I checked it off the calendar like the list-maniac that I am, and felt kind of butt-kicky about it. One will never regret feeling butt-kicky.

How do you feel about running in the rain? Drowned ratty, or butt-kicky?

3 thoughts on “Drowned Rats

  1. Running in the rain is my absolute fave. It feels so “nah na-na nah nah you didn’t do it and I-I-I diiihd” good. 🙂

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