Run Like a Mother 5k

Why are these ladies smiling so much?

Oh what a beautiful morning! Me, Jen, Mary, and Jenn at the start.

Because instead of sleeping in or eating breakfast in bed, we treated ourselves to the Run Like a Mother 5k on Mother’s Day morning. You might not believe me, but running a women’s race with friends is so much better than breakfast in bed. Well, sleeping in is really nice, too…that’s a tough call…um, yeah, it’s better than breakfast in bed!

Back in January, in an effort to keep myself motivated and accountable during the winter months, I organized an informal running group on Thursdays at the school where I work. Two of those women from the group, who kick-started their own running journey that cold January afternoon, ran with me in this race. I’m proud and happy for them, because that was me two years ago. Running my first 5k and reaching that goal was so very sweet and desperately needed at the time, and as my friend Jen-With-One-N says, it “recaptured my inner athlete.”

This was my friend Jenn-With-Two-N’s first race, and she ROCKED it:

One cannot help but smile back at her!

For my other friend Jen-with-one-n, it was technically her second race, but her first one with over 200 people attending, so a big deal. And, of course, I was happy to know that my friend Mary, whom I trained with and ran my last big race with, was going to run with us, too. Holla, Mary!

Even though two years and countless races had come and gone, I still had the butterflies creeping in on race morning. I was coming off a month-long illness, and I needed to prove to myself that I could get Back In the Game. Running with 1500 other women was just what I needed.

Ponytails galore.

I love running with all women. There’s just something about it. Before the race, you worry abut your race outfit, or how your rear might look. But when you get there, you realize that no one’s looking at your rear end. Typical women, we’re there to Get It Done. No fuss, no muss.

I did have one qualm about the race, it was a very physically crowded race. I feel that in races over 1000 participants, one needs start corrals. This one did not. So Jen, Mary, and I headed toward the middle, but upon starting the race we found that we had to do A LOT of weaving in very tight quarters to run at a comfortable pace for us. Someone even gave Jen a body check trying to spring up to the front. Bad form, lady, bad form!

Otherwise, it was a fun race. The atmosphere was positive, the weather was great. I had my own cheering section:

It’s the Goofy Goober cheering squad.

And my husband was on photo patrol again, snapping photos as the looped course took us by him THREE times (did I mention how many turns were in this race?):

I have a thing about wearing the race shirt on race day. It’s not a superstition, it’s just that in my mind I have to earn the shirt. (Hi Mary, peeking out on the left side!)

After many, many turns, we come around again…

Mary, me, and Jen (long-sleeve shirt): The Smiliest Runners on the course!

On the final 1/4 mile of the race, there’s a short, but steep uphill:


I like hills. I admit it. I really, really like the challenge. I wanted to eat this one up and spit it out. Then, I’d know for sure that I had bounced back from The April Crud.

Lean in. Slow down. Pump arms. Up and over. DONE.

I even had a enough energy for a little kick at the end, and Mary, Jen and I were able to squeeze out an under 30:00 time. WOO MOMMAS!

Even better than running with friends, is that I love what I am modeling for my kids: A healthy, active, fun way to live. They are young enough to hopefully not remember a time when I wasn’t running. It is Mother’s Day, and I want to make sure that I’m around for them for a long, long, time. I do it for us.

My loves.

Wishing all of the mother runners out there a good run, and some sleeping-in time. You deserve it.

7 thoughts on “Run Like a Mother 5k

  1. Great job, Nancy! Glad you were able to get back at it with such a great performance. Like you, I agree about earning the race shirt before you wear it. 🙂 Keep me posted on any trips back to the ‘Ville this summer. I know there’s a 5K on June 30th if you are coming in around the 4th. I plan to run that one.

  2. such a great post, i’m happy to see you had a great mother’s day race! and the pics of your little cheerleaders are TOO cute 🙂 i’ve never participated in an all women’s race…but the half-marathon i registered for in october will be, i’m excited to be a part of it!

    i absolutely agree that not only is running a wonderful thing for us to do for ourselves, but it absolutely sets a great example for our kids to learn that an active lifestyle is not only good for you but can also be a lot of fun!

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