F Is For Fairfield, H Is For Half

It’s hot, and I’m tired, so my recap of the Fairfield Half Marathon will consist of descriptions using only words that start with F and H.

Fairfield Half MarathonForehand Hopes

Fairfield Half MarathonFuriously Holding

Fairfield Half MarathonFemale Hustle

Fairfield Half MarathonForthcoming Hills

Fairfield Half MarathonFantastic Heights

Fairfield Half MarathonFreeway Hikes

Fairfield Half MarathonFervent Hurry

Fairfield Half MarathonFlushed Harriers

Fairfield Half MarathonFilming History

Fairfield Half MarathonHeated Frontrunners

Fairfield Half MarathonFriendly Hose

Fairfield Half MarathonFluids Hydrating

Fairfield Half MarathonFresh Heaven

Fairfield Half MarathonFeverishly Hot

Fairfield Half MarathonHuge Flag

Fairfield Half MarathonFinish Home (net time: 2:18 something)

Fairfield Half MarathonFrigid Heaven

Fairfield Half MarathonHappy Friends

The End

1 thought on “F Is For Fairfield, H Is For Half

  1. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, great job on the concise yet lengthy recap. Sure looks like you Had Fun! 🙂

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