LitWorld Clothing Swap a Success!

Just before the school year started, I held a clothing swap at my house to raise money for my marathon charity, LitWorld. What is a clothing swap, you ask? It’s a totally awesome way to get some new-to-you clothing, and to empty your closet of unwanted (but nice) items. Everybody wins!

It was a small crew, but everyone rocked it, and everyone walked away with something.

marathon charity clothing swap fundraiser

Here’s Miss H trying on some fab shoes and a Kenyan scarf.

marathon litworld fundraiser clothing swap

Let the browsing begin!

marathon fundraiser clothing swap litworld

Showing off our new sweet finds.

With just this small group, we raised over $100 for Litworld! Thank you friends!

You don’t need to come to a clothing swap to help Litworld. Help me reach my $2000 fundraising goal by donating today. Click here and you will be rewarded with good karma. I pinkie swear.

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