12 Miles and Back In the Game

Last week the wheels came off the training plan.

This past weekend, I installed some spares and revved the engine.

Thank goodness for running friends. Mary, Amy and I went out early Saturday morning and I was able to crank out 12 miles. Somehow, those 12 felt way harder than the 16 I did the prior weekend.

This week, I hope to have a lighter week work-wise and sick-kid wise. My husband’s back is much better and he’s now useful to me (Kidding! Luv u lots, Dan.) I’ve reached 50% of my fundraising goal (!), I have each run this week planned out with no question marks. On par for this week:

  • 4 miles at the track with 400m repeats
  • 5 miles + 5 strides
  • 6 “easy” miles
  • 18 miles for the long ass run

After last weekend’s 12 miles, I had a good soaking the toes session:

marathon training long run

Icing the equipment. I photographed them in flattering soft focus, like Cybill Shepherd on Moonlighting.

and I realized that one bad week does not tank the plan. There will always be a better run in the future.

I’m ready!

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