Running Stuff: Simply Complicated

I know I’ve always said to friends that running in a simple sport. All you need are good shoes, wicking socks, and a good, ahem, “support”, and you’re good to go.

I lied.

It’s amazing what I’ve accumulated for running long-distance. When my friend Kim and I were getting our stuff ready for an early-morning 8-miler this summer, it looked like some sort of horrible display at a sporting expo:

marathon training long run night before

The visual manifestation of an actual list I have on my computer.

My stuff is on the left, Kim’s the right. I had:

  • Shoes, socks, tank, shorts, hat, sunglasses, foot tape.
  • Nathan Fuel Belt loaded with ID, hotel key, a few bucks, energy gels, inhaler, with bottles ready to be filled with water spiked with Nuun Sports tablets.
  • Phone (to be charged overnight) with Runkeeper App, armband for phone, earbuds, bodyglide for chaffing, barette and hairbands.
  • Bananas, bagels and coffee for pre-run fuel.

Lordy, not so simple after all. You don’t even want to know all the things I need to pack for marathon weekend.

But all of the toys do make it quite fun!

Do you lay out your running stuff the night before a morning run?

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