First Time Finishers: Erica and Chris

It’s really fun being a spectator when your friends are running a race for the first time. But it’s really fun when you get to spectate AND hang out with this guy:

first time finisher 5k

“Dude, this looks like fun.”

My friends Chris and Erica tackled the Candace Lee WIlliams Run To Remember 5k this fall. Baby J and I hung out and cheered.

We couldn’t have been more proud. Chris had run in a prior life, but it had been a while. Erica hadn’t run consistently before training. Baby J isn’t a year old yet, so suffice to say and even getting out for a walk is hard, let alone training for a 5k. AND YET THEY ROCKED IT.

5k first time training

No, you cannot have my favorite race hat, J.

The last half mile is completely uphill. You know I like hills, but this hill was impressive – like the type you avoid in the snow because you know you’ll just spin your wheels and go backward.

No going backward here. Check out Chris and his cousin Mark coming in for the finish:

first time 5k training

Chris (L), with a look of pure, steely focus. Or he’s thinking about that post-run homebrew. Probably both.

And Erica finishing her first 5k, uphill, less than a year after having a baby, stomping out a sub-40 minute finish. I seriously got teary.

5k first time training

That is a runner!

There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you set a goal and cross that finish line. I have a feeling there will be more of these in their future!

5k first time finish training

And J and I will be there to root them on.

Congrats my friends!

5k training first time finish

Love these guys.

5 thoughts on “First Time Finishers: Erica and Chris

  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog entry Nancy! That 5K felt great… getting ready for the next!! One day Baby J will do a fun run with us:) Also, a big thanks to Jane… she made me promise to keep working at it!

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