First-Time Finisher: Amy

Big congrats to my running bud Amy, who just finished her first Half Marathon! She’s smart, supportive, savvy, stunning. AND she’s a teacher. AND she’s runner. Total package. Sorry folks, she’s also a newlywed. Luckily her husband is also very supportive, because I think she has the running bug…bad.

She has been a supportive running friend since we started running together, along with Mary, running a couple of times a week after school. She’s also fun to run with, because she knows everyone in town, and on every run someone she knows always manages to honk and wave. This race was no different. She had support all around the race course from family and friends, including some terrific signs:

half marathon training

Mile 8 and cool (and cute) as a cucumber. (I’m not sure who Shayna is but clearly Amy gets top billing.)

Despite a near-disaster with her zipper, she finished strong, smiling and with a blazing time. WOOT!

Congratulations to Amy! (Hey, when’s our next run? Text me!)

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