$2136 and 26.2 For LitWorld!

I’m going to write about something really positive that makes my heart happy, and I hope it lifts your heart, too.

If you’re new to this blog, I ran the New York Lehigh Delaware Heritage Marathon back in November to raise money for a cause that I love.  That non-profit was LitWorld, who works to achieve global literacy in the belief that all people in the world have the right to read and write. I happy to say that my goal was exceeded! The grand total was…

$2,163! “Ya done good, kiddos,” as they say in some movie I can’t remember.

Thank YOU, friends, from the whole of my heart for helping to raise funds for an organization that does such important work. Please take a moment to see how your help impacts lives:

LitWorld recently expanded into Haiti, and continue to do meaningful, life-changing work in Kenya, The Philippines, and Harlem, USA. I’m so excited to learn more about their plans for 2013, and will update accordingly!

marathon fundraising LitWorld

With LitWorld Founder and all-around awesome person Pam Allyn.

Whenever I’m feeling down I’m going to play the above video, and remind myself that kindness lives on, digs deep, and doesn’t let go.

Run on, friends. RUN ON.

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