Run Cranky

“Run Happy” is Brooks’ slogan. I’m currently wearing Brooks running shoes (PureFlows, thanks for asking).

I’m not sure it would be a wise business move to change their slogan to “Run Cranky,” but dang if I didn’t have the speediest 5 miler tonight. I had received some news and I was PISSED OFF. Nothing like pure, unadulterated anger to the get the legs pounding faster. I even sought out the steepest, gnarliest hills in my neighborhood and charged up them- I was that riled up.


Cranky pants.

But right on cue, as I finished the run and was walking up my driveway, I felt the release…the whoosh…the fury lifting…and all was (mostly) right with the world.

Have you ever “run cranky?” Did it make you feel better? Worse? Did you injure yourself on that furious run? While I was running I thought perhaps my feet would be irked at me in the morning, but they seemed to have ignored my little tantrum and were just fine.

Running: Cheaper (and more fun) than therapy, I’m tellin’ya.

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