A Week of MOVE Challenges and Sore Shoulders

This month, I’m trying out the Move-Nourish-Believe Challenge from Lorna Jane Activewear. Lorna Jane, a fitness brand form Australia (with a USA e-store here) believes that all women can move, nourish, and believe in themselves to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The three week challenge was designed to help keep our New Year’s goals going. Each day of the three weeks is dedicated to a way to Move, Nourish and Believe. I will recap each week in the hopes of winning the $1000 shopping spree keeping up my fitness level while I’m nursing the crappy toe.

This week was the MOVE challenge. I accept your challenge! Even with 18″ of snow on the ground and 2 snow days!

Monday: Show your favorite way to sweat!

Um, that would be running, which I can’t do due to my crappy toe. Plus, it snowed about 9″ overnight Sunday and the pool & gym were closed. My husband’s back is bothering him, so I became The Shoveler. I’d say it’s my THIRTEENTH favorite way to sweat.

snow shoveling MNBChallenge MOVE

It was light, fluffy snow. Still got sweaty.

Tuesday: Change it up! Sweat a new way!

I’m a Crossfit newbie, and that night I learned a few lifts, so I’m counting that. I also kept up with the 20-year-olds attending the same class. Or actually, dare I say, they kept up with me. Thank you running, for the large aerobic base.

crossfit MOVE MNBChallenge

Apparently, this gym is called a “box.” I have no time for new lingo.

Wednesday: Plank for 5 minutes today! (Broken up if necessary.)

Oh, it’s necessary, believe me. Due to the toe injury, one-legged plank had to do. I did 5x one minute, spread through the day (it was a snow day and the gym and pool were closed again). Also, again I shoveled a formidable amount of fresh-frozen heavy snow, and took a formidable dose of ibuprofen afterward as a result.

planking injured toe MNBChallenge

Plank Selfie.

Thursday: Buddy up! Workout with a friend today!

Thursday is Crossfit day for me, and I don’t have any friends that I’ve been able to rope into with me…yet. So, I became friends with the pullup bar. It’s an awkward friendship.

crossfit crosstraining pullup

Because seeing it in last week’s post didn’t damage your eyes enough.

Friday: Fave Friday! Show us your five fitness favorites!

After the scanning the #MNBChallenge hashtag on twitter, I noticed that participants’ faves were all different. Some listed 5 favorite ab moves, some choose 5 favorite healthy foods. I choose my five favorite race experiences. It was VERY hard to choose 5.

five favorite races, MNBChallenge

Clockwise from bottom left: Finishing Philly Marathon, Run Like a Mother 5k, finishing 1st Marathon From Hell, finishing 1st triathlon, finishing 1st half marathon. Note that I’m not FINISHING FIRST, it’s my FIRST FINISH, lolz.

So that’s a wrap!

Next week’s challenge will be to NOURISH. Which means, I’ll be posting some food porn, hopefully. And for the love of pete, no more shoveling!

What have you done this week to MOVE? How sore are you from shoveling?

13 thoughts on “A Week of MOVE Challenges and Sore Shoulders

  1. Fun post! Keep up the great work. I’ve been doing the plank thing. It’s pretty fun. We even roped the kids in on the action. Saying if you can do a plank for x…amount of time or if you can beat my time you can earn_____ whatever they are really wanting at the time. Ok, within reason. Like extra time on computer or little things like that. Nothing big. Go momma go!

    • ooh, I like that idea! I usually plank with the timer set on my phone in front of me, then I try very hard not to look at it. If I’m listening to music I sing along and that makes the time go by faster. My record for a regular plank is 1:20…trying to up it these days. I need some serious core work.

  2. I love your blog-the plank selfie was awesome. I was planking earlier this week in the kitchen while dinner was cooking and Jason walked in and said,”OH my gosh, what’s wrong with you?!” Apparently I look like the picture of the walrus planking and not the super hot, buff model planking. Well wishes to the crappy toe!

    • LOL – The plank selfie was also kind of a boobs selfie but I thought I’d leave that out of the original post. I stupidly did the planks AFTER I shoveled. I will never make that mistake again!

  3. I have a new found love for boxing/kickboxing. Gets the aggression out 🙂 having panic attacks already thinking about the tri ridgefield swim! Need to get in the pool soon!

  4. I’m scared of CrossFit so you won’t see me at the local box anytime soon. However, I do plank! Not everyday like I’m supposed to but you know… guess it’s time to stop using the kids as an excuse! I hope you win!!!

    • Nothing to be scared of at Crossfit! In fact, the Ridgefield one is the most welcoming gym I’ve ever been to! I’m working on a post about it..coming someday…

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