Read. Write. Run.

I’m turning 40 this year. (gulp)

Honestly, I’m in as good of shape as I’ve been for years. I certainly don’t feel like what I thought almost-40 would feel like. That’s what running does – it can make you feel ageless. Um, well except for those knots in the hamstrings, or uh, the tight hip, or the podiatry bills. Nevermind. I feel great for 39 and a half. I’ll leave it at that.

For my 40th Birthday, I’m running the ING New York City Marathon on November 4, 2012 to raise money for LitWorld. I hope you’ll support me in raising $4000 for this uplifting and innovative organziation. Read. Write. Run. Click this link to donate. Here’s the backstory…

I am an elementary school teacher in the United States. While most of us take literacy instruction for granted or as something that just “happens”, we should consider ourselves the lucky ones to have access to such bountiful educational resources. However you feel about the current state of the US educational system, NCLB, and whatnot, you must admit that most are quite fortunate.

However, worldwide at least 793 million people remain illiterate. Two-thirds of them are women – a number that is completely UNACCEPTABLE to me. LitWorld joins together with teachers, parents, community members, and children to support the development of sustainable literacy practices in the United States and across the globe.

What are sustainable literacy practices? It’s not about just “giving books” (although that’s a part of it), it’s about training teachers and community members to teach children with best practices of literacy instruction in mind. That instruction, that when passed down to its recipients, builds a bridge out of poverty and despair and into a safer, more empowering, purposeful life.

What will LitWorld Accomplish?
By 2014: Help one million children learn to read.
By 2016: Equip ten thousand literacy leaders to effect change that will impact ten million children across the globe.

LitWorld is awesome. So is that kid in the background.

Between now and October, I’ll be telling you more about LitWorld and their fabulousness. Stay tuned for future fun fundraisers (say it three time fast) from moi, such as “Sponsor a Mile” and “The Great Clothing Swap”. In the meantime, take all of those feel-good running hormones and channel them into a great cause. Donate today. Danke.