How I Started Running…Then Stopped. Then Started.

It all started with being willed $100.

My grandmother passed away in 2008. She was a woman of modest means, and very loving. She was a real go-getter, making every second count in her life. While not a runner, she was the epitome of active. She left each of her grandchildren $100 in her will.

I hung onto that $100 for a while, wanting to spend it on something special, meaningful. Something that would link us, but not something that would sit on a shelf and get dusty. Finally, about a year later, when my youngest was almost 2 years old and I was really feeling flabby-n-shabby, I decided to buy a pair of running shoes – a fancy pair, from a real running store that made me run on a treadmill while they videotaped my feet then played it back and told me that I was an overpronator, which is a nice way of saying I have duck feet. But for months, the Fancy Sneakers sat on a shelf in the closet, getting dusty.

I think I was scared to try it and fail. I was scared I wouldn’t have time for it, so I didn’t try. I was scared I wouldn’t honor my gramma. I was kind of scared I would die, which was just silly.

One day, at my teaching job, there was a Fun Run. I wore the Fancy Sneakers. I had some unmotivated second graders and decided to show them up, so I ran it. And I didn’t die.

So I ran again one day after Hubby got home from work. I liked having a moment to listen to my music in peace. And I didn’t die.

I made a “running mix”, and I ran again, this time I made it to 1/2 mile before bonking.  Yes! Still living!

So would I commit to this new found activity? I guess you can tell the answer to that by the badge on the right.  In the next post I’ll explain The Moment I Got Hooked. But until then, here’s a hint: It involves unemployment, euphoric crying jags, and Tom Petty, not necessarily in that order.

How did you start (or restart) running? Did it involve Fancy Sneakers and second graders? Or was it something a bit more exciting? Tell me in the comments!