Track Is Whack

Once a week, I go to the local high school track and do a speed workout, as assigned by my badass running coach Erin. It’s not my favorite kind of run, but it gives me nostalgic flashbacks to junior high track & field, and I think it really is making me a teeny bit faster.

This week was just plain busy. Back-achingly, mind-numbingly busy…with just about every minute planned and accounted for. I do not thrive on these weeks, but they come with the territory if it’s September and you’re a teacher. I’m…just…so…tired. I dragged myself to the track at 7:00 PM (had to wait until hubby got home from work) and met my friend and fellow teacher Jen-with-one-n. Thank god for the Jens of the world. Track workouts suck much less when you’ve got one with you.

The plan: One mile warm up. 3 x 800m repeats at an average pace between 8:22-8:51, with one 400 “rest” between, then a cool-down mile, for a total of 4 miles. Keep in mind two things: One lap around is 400 meters, and that my fastest ever pace in a race was 9:12 per mile. So doing two laps in a row at that pace was fairly uncomfortable, uncomfortable enough that Jen and I had to stop talking, which should tell you something right there.

In the end, we got it done. We finished. We felt great.

Just kidding.

It kicked our asses.


Ugh…just ugh.