A Bizarre Run In Three Movements

When you have just a small window to get things done, sometimes you have to improvise.

September is the craziest month of the year for teachers, of which I am one. All of the kid stuff starts up again. It’s also when fall marathon training starts to amp up to a fevered pitch. With just 52 days to go until the NY marathon, I have little if any wiggle room for workouts, let alone missed workouts. Some have asked me, “How do you do it?”…meaning really “Do it all?” When in real life, the only thing I’m “doing” is sticking to my training plan, working, and trying to give my kids some attention after school. Everything else falls by the wayside. “Doing it all” is a myth. If I were doing it all, there wouldn’t be an overdue litter box to change, forgotten car appointments (oh, it’s just an axle), or a son sent to school on picture day wearing the most hideous Angry Birds t-shirt ever.

Anyway, this past Tuesday I knew I had to run 5 miles + 5 strides (quick bursts of speed at the end of a run) but my only time to do it was after 7:00 when Dan arrived home from work. I couldn’t shift this workout to Wednesday, as the week was already planned to the minute. I was fearing I’d have to run in the dark when my husband had a brilliant idea.

I drove to the local recreation center, and ran on the trails around the property. One loop = 1.1 miles. I arrived as the sun was setting, so I ran as far as I could until it got too dark, which was 3.75 miles.


See how I’m worried about daylight? That’s my worried look.

From there, I went inside to the treadmill inside the rec center, and ran the additional 1.25 miles. I really cannot stand the treadmill, but that milage was tolerable. The treadmill seemed just a little wobbly, and I didn’t want to waste time finding a non-wobbly one so…

…I went back outside to the lighted parking lot, and did 5 X 100m strides.

Out. In. Out. Somehow it just worked out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a litter box to change. Nah, it’s time for bed.

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