Two Very Different Kinds Of Running Love

I swear I’ll have the TriFitness race report done soon, but in the meantime, I just wanted to share that I was a recipient of two kinds of love today.

Badass Coach Erin assigned me TEN x 400m repeats. Yes, TEN. 400 meters is once around a standard track. All ten to be executed at a pace between 7:46-8:18 per mile. YEOWZA. With the 400m “rest” in between each one, it’s a total of 5.5 miles – my longest speed session yet.

But I did it. I did it after a long day of herding cats teaching 1st grade (JK! They’re adorbs!). I did it at the track at 7:30 PM, when all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers and watch Vampire Weekend videos. Hot damn, I did it.

speed work marathon training

This is the “I think my coach is trying to kill me” post-workout face.

So she was giving me some tough love, knowing that if I pushed myself, I could Get It Done. She didn’t really try to kill me. Yet.

When I got home, I have no energy to do anything but shove chips and salsa into my piehole (no utensils or plates needed!), Dan shows me a giant, gorgeous, loaded salad he made for me.

speed work marathon training

Plus fig newtons and chocolate soy milk on the side. Excellent.

I spy with my little eye mixed greens, leftover rotisserie chicken, leftover takeout brown rice, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, and goat cheese. YUM YUM in my TUM. Now that’s some LOVE!! Thanks, honey!

LovePeopleFeedThemTastyFoodTwo kinds of love…food love and coach love. I’m so blessed!

Going Cross Country

Tonight was speed work night for me at the track. I was all ready to go with the agenda in hand, literally:

triathlon speed work track

Yes, that’s FIVE 800 meter repeats. Yeowza.

When I arrived at the track, I discovered that tonight was also a high school boys’ lacrosse game, with my usual entry gate was closed a locked. I figured perhaps they were charging admission to this one. I’m not paying to run unless it’s a race, and I’m certainly not paying to run in front of a bunch of lacrosse dads! I thought to myself.

speed work track triathlon

Doesn’t lacrosse know I need to run??

Then I spotted this sign for the cross-country trail.

triathlon cross country track

The alternative is to bail. I did not shave my legs for nothing.

Lacrosse? Ppfffttt. My sport is your sport’s punishment, ninnies! and off I went down the trail.

The cinders, steep hills, mulch, grass, roots, and errant jaywalking bunnies made for some rebellious achilles tendons. But once I was warmed up, I kind of liked it. I felt a little like Katniss, if Katniss had a mummy tummy. Though if I were really Katniss, the cannon would sound and the hovercraft would be swooping me up by now. Also, I’m out of milk. These are the things that go through my head when I run.

Two loops around the grounds at 1.5 miles each, and dark is setting in. I was ready to call it a night at 3 miles, when I noticed people coming out of the exact fence I was trying to get into. It turns out, there’s a subtle-sneaky (but legit) fence opening around the corner that I’ve never noticed before.

triathlon cross country track

Doi. (Doy?) Doi.

I could’ve run on the track after all. DUH!! It even photo-bombed my picture and I didn’t even notice. Geesh.

The lacrosse game was over, so I ran the last mile on the track, feeling strong but also pretty darn stupid. So much for speed work, folks!

Track Is Whack

Once a week, I go to the local high school track and do a speed workout, as assigned by my badass running coach Erin. It’s not my favorite kind of run, but it gives me nostalgic flashbacks to junior high track & field, and I think it really is making me a teeny bit faster.

This week was just plain busy. Back-achingly, mind-numbingly busy…with just about every minute planned and accounted for. I do not thrive on these weeks, but they come with the territory if it’s September and you’re a teacher. I’m…just…so…tired. I dragged myself to the track at 7:00 PM (had to wait until hubby got home from work) and met my friend and fellow teacher Jen-with-one-n. Thank god for the Jens of the world. Track workouts suck much less when you’ve got one with you.

The plan: One mile warm up. 3 x 800m repeats at an average pace between 8:22-8:51, with one 400 “rest” between, then a cool-down mile, for a total of 4 miles. Keep in mind two things: One lap around is 400 meters, and that my fastest ever pace in a race was 9:12 per mile. So doing two laps in a row at that pace was fairly uncomfortable, uncomfortable enough that Jen and I had to stop talking, which should tell you something right there.

In the end, we got it done. We finished. We felt great.

Just kidding.

It kicked our asses.


Ugh…just ugh.